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Pictures from the new house in Fisherville, KY

This is a look at the front of the house from the driveway.

Another picture of the front of the house from further out the driveway.

From the opposite side of the house to the attached two car garage.

This is the far side of the house on the opposite side from the garage. Just wanted to show off the generac that we had installed.

This is the mail box in front of the house and a look at the road in front of the house. If you look hard you can see the my second driveway into my workshop.

This is the inside of the garage looking out from Kathy's office area. The stairs on the far side go up to storage area over the garage.

This is the back of the house looking from the garage side. You can see my workshop on the other side of the back deck.

This is the rear of the house. You can a lower floor exit that is used to get from the house out to the pool in the back yard.

There is no formal dinning room in the house so we took one of the bed rooms and made it into a dinning room. This is Kathy getting things ready for Thanksgiving. And the dog in the doorway keeping track of things.

Just another picture of the dinning room.

This is the hallway looking down from the living room toward the bedrooms. The first door on the left is the dinning room.

The people that built the house were into fancy ceilings. Most of the rooms on the top floor have these fancy textured ceilings.

They are also big into this molding around the ceilings. Again you find this in all the rooms on the main floor.

Just another ceiling picture.

The living room from the front door.

The living room looking toward the front door.

This is the kitchen area looking into the living room. The laundry is behind those double doors.

This is the main part of the kitchen.

This is Kathy's office area looking from the kitchen. The door you see goes out to the attached garage.

Another picture of the kitchen.

Kathy sitting at her desk. This picture is taken from the garage door looking into the kitchen.

Another picture of Kathy's office area.

This is the family room downstairs.

Another picture of the famliy room.

This is the toy closet off the family room.

My keyboard things in the family room.

The downstairs hallway looking from the family room back to my room and the second kitchen area.

My motorcycle stuff in Kathy's sewing room. It was getting damp out in the workshop.

Kathy's sewing area.

This is the back doors out to the back yard. The area to the left of the doors now have cabinets. I'll do pictures of that later.

This is the unfinished area we put cabinets in.

The work bench in my radio room.

My workshop (I.E. Morton building)

My workshop is in a building made my the famous Morton folks.  Thus we call it the Morton Building.  It's located on the other side of the property approximately 100 yards from the house.  The building itself is approximately 52' by 35'.

This is the front of the building. As you can see, two cars will fit inside the building.

A better look inside the bay door on the building. No, I'm not getting bad enough to wear different shoes. I had a pin in the big toe on my right foot when these pictures where taken.

This is the comfort area. The building has power and running water. It has a little water heater under the sink for hot water.

This is my work bench area.

Another picture of the work bench.

This is the back are of the building. In the left rear of the building is room. I suspect he built it for some sort of detail work. This is the remaining space at the far end or the building.

This is inside the room that was built in the building. I am using it for storage now but eventually would like to start making candles here again. It is the only part of the building with electric baseboard heat.

This is the oposite wall from my work bench. As you can see, this is the home for my new R1200RT motorcycle.

Another wider view of the workbench area.

Another wide shot of the building.

Miscellaneous Pictures of our place.

Kathy likes to watch the deer. So we I got her a deer feeder last Christmas. As you can see, they come to take advantage.

This is a unique partial albino. This was Kathy's favorite last year. She was always worried about it. But we haven't seen it this year.

We do get snow and it's very pretty. But only lasts a couple days and it's all gone.

This is a picture of the pool we had installed in the fall of 2014. Last year we had a deck put up.

This is Kathy doing laundry.

It's fall now but this is a picture of Kathy's garden. We put a lot of work in it but the weather didn't cooperate.

Just a view of our property from the entrance to the Morton building.

Plenty of space to fly kites.

I used to call Kathy "The Bag Lady" because she always used paper bags to pack when we traveled. Now I call her the stick lady. She is always walking around picking up sticks. Good excercise.

Todd and Erica came to visit and this is Erica with the three grand children.

Julie and Todd with their significant other.

It's flat here so we do get a lot of water. This was the spring or 2015. Historically the most rain the area ever got.

But when the rains are gone it is beautiful. Never saw this in New York.

New arrivals since I started updates

Kathy got all new appliances in the kitchen. Here is the refridgerator and stove.

Here is her new dishwasher.

Here are the finished cabinets we installed downstairs. To the immediate right is the back door out of the house and down to the pool. So this will serve well to treat the little ones to hot chocolate when they come in from swimming and is convient to the family room.

My new truck. Yes, it's kept in the Morton Building. It's a 2015 Chevrolet Silverado 1500LT with the smaller V8.



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