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03/01/2021................The new location for Dandy Dan. I lost my dandydan.net domain name so I had to do everything over at dandydan.org. Everything should be working now. All issues are resolved. 03/28/2021.......... Added link to recipe site............

Welcome to my home on the World Wide Web. I have been doing web design on and off for many years.  I've played with creating web pages manually in a number of styles and finally broke down and purchased some web development software.  These pages are the results of my learning the software. 

You will not find fancy whistles and bells on this site. I firmly believe in the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) theory. You're welcome to browse around. All the stuff here is free for the taking. As far as I know nothing is copyrighted. If you see something that is, please let me know immediately and I'll remove it.

The objective is to tell you a little about myself, my family, my interests, and a few things of interest to other people. If you don't like it, don't come back. On the other hand, if you find something of interest I'd appreciate hearing from you. While here, please take time to sign my guest book. Feel free to browse and enjoy.

As an update, in June of 2014 my wife and I moved to the state of Kentucky.  This has been the start of a new life for us.  We are both retired now and just taking things as they come.  I had a major issue with a motorcycle accident and spent awhile recuperating.  Then Kathy had some foot surgery that put her out for awhile.  And to complicate things I fell and broke my toe approximately the same time.  Anyway, now that I have the time this site is going through a major and well overdue re-write.  I will try to keep things chronologically in perspective but that may be difficult.  If you don't understand when things happened just email me and I'll try to clarify.

Many things are new on this site including the Guestbook and the BLOG.  So if you have old links they won't work.  Since I'm starting all over it would be nice to see some people sign the guestbook.


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